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Green Beaker

Cross Section of the Curriculum

 Level 1 
(48 weeks)
 Level 2 
(48 weeks)
 Level 3
 (48 weeks)
 Mar- Pulling and pushing
- Science tale
- The clown who walks on a tight rope

 - Air resistance parachute
- Float and sink
- Volcanoes in the water
- The nature of hot air
- Thermometer
 Jun- Air that lifts up objects
- Floating bottles

- Climb the slope
- Sunrise
- Creating submarine
 Sept- Watermill
- A matchstick rocket

- Floating magnetic
- Sounds vibration
- Making clean cabbage
- Making charcoal
 Dec- I am a spy

- Secret colors in ink- Observation of constellation


Tools / Materials



Note to Parents

Experiment tools

Initial Class



Class Size


Max. 6 students

Class Duration

40 mins



Once a week


Medium of Instruction

English and Cantonese


Mode of study

Class work only



One lesson per week